/2012MY Mercedes SLS AMG Gets New Equipments

2012MY Mercedes SLS AMG Gets New Equipments

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG at 2012MY Mercedes SLS AMG Gets New Equipments

Mercedes announced a couple of updates for the 2012 SLS, and they include some new colors and equipments.

There won’t be any performance upgrade, which is alright because the current 6.3 liter V8 with 563 bhp and 479 lb-ft of torque is up to the job. There will also be no change in the drivetrain as it still gets the carbon fiber driveshaft and advanced dual-clutch transaxle transmission with 4 driving modes.

But in terms of equipments, 2012 SLS comes as standard with Blind Spot Assist, optional 3-mode AMG Adaptive Suspension and AMG Performance Media including driving telemetry and G-Force measurement. These stuff are not necessarily make the car better, specially the telemetry thingy, because they’re kinda geeky.

If you are planning on buying a SLS though, we advise you to hold on a bit more until the end of the year when the Mercedes SLS Roadster arrives. That has got normal, dignified doors, and a cloth roof that goes up and down in 11 seconds and up to speed of 30 mph. It also comes with standard AIRSCARF and removable wind deflector.

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