/Tri-Turbo BMW X3M Reports Surface

Tri-Turbo BMW X3M Reports Surface

BMWX3M at Tri Turbo BMW X3M Reports Surface

Car makers are apparently bored with the ‘who’s got more gears in his gearbox’ game and are now switching to turbos!

We used to get maximum two turbos in normal cars, but now reports are coming in that BMW is working on an M-version of the X3 SUV which has a tri-turbo engine. That’s three turbochargers on a straight-six engine. Apparently it’s a 3.2 liter version of the current twin-turbo inline-six which features another electric turbocahrger that provides low rpm boost.

We’re not interested in how it works really, that’s too boring! What we like is the result of this engineering witchcraft which in the X3M (not confirmed yet) makes more than 450 hp! One would imagine the fuel consumption remains the same as a normal six-cylinder.

So even though the idea of a high performance SUV is really rather pointless, but an X3M with this engine sounds like a great prospect, mainly because it’ll be more efficient than the monstrous X5M and X6M. If only the car looked a bit better than this…

source: CAR

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