/Volkswagen Amarok Demolishes 140 Tonne Chimney

Volkswagen Amarok Demolishes 140 Tonne Chimney

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To show off what the new Amarok puck-up truck is capable of, Volkswagen has came up with an unusual challenge!

Normally to destroy a huge chimney which weighs in excess of 140 tonne, you use lots of explosives. But VW said they can bring it down using four Amaroks and some ropes. And they did! That said, the Amarok had some advantages as the structure was prepared using a standard procedure for any ‘pull-down’ demolition of flame cutting a ‘shark’s mouth’ into the base of the chimney, reducing its structural integrity, though ensuring that it remained free standing. Still, pretty impressive.

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Each of the four Amaroks were powered by the four-cylinder, 2.0-litre TDI engine producing 163 PS and were fitted with a ‘quick release’ safely mechanism for the towing ropes, ensuring the safety of the stunt drivers in the unlikely event of the structure falling in the wrong direction. Four 200m ropes connected the top of the chimney to the back of the factory-standard Amaroks.

Once given the green light, four Amaroks set off and pulled the chimney down easy peasy.

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Simon Elliott, Director, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: ‘The new Amarok is packed with power and intelligence, and we wanted to achieve something extraordinary to demonstrate this for its launch.  Working with the right experts and taking a scientific approach, by demolishing a 67 metre steel chimney we’ve shown the maximum strength and power of the Amarok.’Eldon Stevens from worldwide decommissioning experts EDS was delighted to be part of the dramatic demonstration: ‘EDS has a reputation for taking on highly complex demolition projects that really test our engineering abilities, so we were thrilled to work with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to see if the new Amarok could bring down such a vast structure. Thankfully our combined skills were up to the challenge!’

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