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Volkswagen Caddy BiFuel LPG

Volkswagen Caddy BiFuel at Volkswagen Caddy BiFuel LPG

In an effort to make their range of commercial vehicles more efficient, Volkswagen revealed the Caddy BiFuel which can run on petrol or LPG.

Now this Auto-gas powered Caddy could be an interesting prospect since one litre of the liquid natural gas, which enjoys tax incentives until 2018, is about 80 euro cents. This means that the Caddy only needs 8.24 euros of fuel to travel 100 km. That’s a considerable amount of saving on the long run.

The 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine with 75 kW / 102 PS power has a combined fuel consumption (panel van) of 10.3 litres of Autogas per 100 km (167 g/km CO2). In petrol mode it will use  8.0 litres of Super (187 g/km CO2) for the same distance. It comes with an auxiliary Autogas tank (45 litres) which is located under the floor and therefore doesn’t affect the practicality of the panel van.

Together with the petrol tank (60 litres), the stored fuel is sufficient to cover a driving range of over 940 km. Using LPG alone you still get a range of 460 km, with less CO2 emissions and much less fuel costs. What’s more, this is a factory-fit kit and not an aftermarket, which means you can be sure they’ve extensively tested it for durability and safety.

The new Caddy BiFuel ordering begins very soon. The Caddy BiFuel is also available as a Caddy Maxi. Not sure about your country, but in Germany around 6,000 stations offer LPG.

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