/Unique Design Concept Celebrates 60 Years Of Unimog

Unique Design Concept Celebrates 60 Years Of Unimog

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Here’s a demonstration of what’s possible when there’s no rules! This magnificent thing is a tribute to the 60th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

Based on a Unimog U 5000, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks (MBS) in cooperation with Daimler designers have come up with this design concept that mixes Unimog’s traditional design with modern elements. It has an open cab, a tribute to the very early models from 1951. The inspiration for this design was apparently a poison dart frog! That also hints at the car’s agility in moving aorund on rough terrains and even water.

This of course will never see production, but just as an object, it looks spectacular. Here’s a brief explanation on the car’s design elements by Mercedes:

The design concept is based on the Unimog U 5000 chassis with its outstanding off-road capabilities. The traditional and well-known unique selling-point of the Unimog, its coil springs, are painted red in the concept vehicle, whereas Bertrand Janssen and his team have let its hulk of a bonnet with its typical Mercedes-Benz line and the mudguards shine out in a fresh green.

When selecting the colours used, the designers in Bertrand Janssen’s team were inspired by an unusual amphibian, the poison dart frog: Just like the Unimog it is also extremely mobile both in water and on land. And furthermore in this point it is once more the link between past and future as green was the colour of the very first Unimog and numerous follow-up generations of the vehicle. The headlights are like stage lights, which focus the beam of light. The clearly visible, sweeping lines of the frame have been finished with high-grade trims cut from aluminium blocks. The four same-size wheels make a strong optical impression with their five star alu-rim design. Bertrand Janssen emphasises, ” On no account did we work in an atmosphere where our ideas were divorced from reality. Here we have a vehicle which is puristic, but still clearly true to concept – with the claim, that some of its details will turn up in coming product ranges in future.

We continued to take up the most important Unimog features which have characterised the vehicle for the last 60 years and which will also characterise it in future – features such as portal axles, coil springs or the frame concept.” The design concept “60 Years Unimog” is not however a prototype for a new product range. But it becomes quite clear that the Mercedes-Benz Unimog will still continue to have an innovative character in future and will still possess a high degree of versatility in design and type of construction. It is after all a unique vehicle concept.

60 Years Unimog 2 at Unique Design Concept Celebrates 60 Years Of Unimog

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