/Range Rover Evoque Convertible In The Works?

Range Rover Evoque Convertible In The Works?

evoque1 at Range Rover Evoque Convertible In The Works?

The idea of an open-top Evoque is floating around at Land Rover headquarters. And insiders suggest it’s more than just a fantasy.

They are thinking why not. The Evoque has already secured its position as a trendy, lifestyly SUV and a convertible version can only boost its appeal. They have already confirmed the Victoria Beckham Special Edition, and that alone shows where they’re heading with this car.

So it’s a complete no-brainer making the Evoque Convertible. But it ain’t gonn’ be easy! I mean the only other convertible crossover they made so far which has worked, sort of, is the Nissan Murano CrossCabrio. And it looks catastrophically ugly with the top up!

With the Evoque it’s the looks that is more important than everything. So a lot of work goes into designing the car properly, and there’s the engineering work to make sure it won’t wobble around like jelly on the road, let alone off it.

This is a very interesting case, so we keep an eye on it and will keep you posted on any updates.

via: Autoblog.nl

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