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MINI Coupe TV Commercials

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BMW and MINI announced today the launch of an international advertising campaign for the new MINI Coupe, called “Another Day. Another Adventure,” consisting of social media items such as Facebook clips, print ads, and three TV commercials, which you can watch after the jump.

That slogan reflects on what the MINI Coupe is designed for: adventurous driving. The fizzy little two-seater is designed to make even a short trip to the shops more fun. You will be looking for reasons to get in this car and just drive it!

But because of its character, styling and of course, the badge, you can’t use it for formal occasions. That’s alright, of course, because the Coupe is going to be bought by young people and they don;t have to worry about formalities.

In a social media campaign entitled “All the Wrong Places”, the MINI Coupé once again embarks on unusual adventures. But this time not alone: In collaboration with the numerous platforms of the lifestyle magazine VICE, a series of five episodes will be shot, up until February 2012, which can then be viewed through MINI and VICE social media channels. In keeping with the campaign slogan, “Another Day. Another Adventure.”, a driver or “Adventure Man”, will accompany the MINI Coupé on its journey, discovering the most exotic places and cultures around the world. However, the driver and the MINI Coupé will not be alone on this voyage of discovery. MINI fans can not only follow their hero’s adventures on the web, but – if they are lucky – also participate themselves: A co-driver, who will accompany the “Adventure Man” on his travels, will be cast for each of the five adventures. Starting on 29 August 2011, MINI fans can upload their personal profile on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MINI and convince MINI why they should be the co-driver on one of these thrilling rides with the “Adventure Man”. Where will the journey take them? Japan, Peru, South Africa and two other mystery destinations will be explored. In Japan, enormous trucks will be transformed into colourful artworks. In Peru, they will dance with locals and in South Africa meet the stars of tomorrow.

The five documentary episodes will be available for viewing on MINI’s Facebook page, MINIspace.com and the MINI YouTube channel as well as on the Vice website

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