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Audi A2 Concept

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Audi A2 is apparently set for a comeback in near future, as the Ingolstadt-based company announced a new concept car for 2011 IAA.

The first Audi A2 was an advanced car  with a lightweight aluminum body. But it turned out to be a dreadful product. So much so that Audi killed it off. The new concept A2 seems to be more like it.

The compact city car (3.80 meters (12.47 ft) long, 1.69 meters (5.54 ft) wide and 1.49 meters (4.89 ft) high) showcases Audi’s next generation LED technology, known as matrix beam. A package of LEDs and microreflectors generate a high-resolution and non-glaring high-beam light. Delicate daytime running light fibers frame the highly efficient LED low-beam light module.

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The dynamic light runs below the edge of the window from the front to the rear of the A2 concept – a band of light that contains a multitude of innovative, dynamic light functions. These LED lights, and the ones in the rear lights, are self adjustable.

The car is not just about the LEDs though. It’s also got an electric powertrain, although Audi just says it has great performance and range, without mentioning any facts and figures!

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The dynamic light is also located in the cockpit area of the show car, structured in two separate arches. Like the entire interior, the dash panel has a light and clean look and intuitive controls. The driver manages many important features via touch-control areas on the inside of the steering wheel. Two additional control surfaces fold up at the driver’s right when starting the vehicle. An open profile serves as the steering column; a seven-inch display and two secondary displays are located at its end.

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The Audi A2 concept has a flat interior floorboard. The center console is attached to the driver’s seat; the rear console extends forward between the two rear seats. The four individual seats add lightness, and there is storage space under the fold-up seat cushions.

There is also room between between the rear seats for a city bicycle with its front wheel removed! Now, that sounds like an afterthought.

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