/No Wagon or AWD Version Planned For BMW M5

No Wagon or AWD Version Planned For BMW M5

BMW M51 at No Wagon or AWD Version Planned For BMW M5

Rumors about an all-wheel-drive version of the new BMW M5 F10 turn out to be wrong. But it will get an optional manual gearbox.

We couldn’t care less really about an AWD M5, because let’s be honest it’s pointless. Just because Audi’s hot saloons are four-whee-drive doesn’t mean the M5 should be too. The AWD system would make the car heavier and basically alter its swell driving characteristics. And what will you get in return? Better traction? Less fun?!

BMW M officials have also confirmed to Autoblog they have no plans for an M5 wagon. It doesn’t make sense really making a 550 hp estate car. People buy estates to do the school run or carry things around, and people who do those things don’t really care about speed and performance. The fact that BMW only sold only 1056 units of the previosu M5 wagon shows it is not worth the money and effort making the Wagon.

Reports about a manual M5 are all true though, and we’re mighty glad they are! Next year BMW will be offering a six-speed manual gearbox for the M5. But they do have their concerns about letting loose 560 hp while there’s no clever computerized transmission in the middle to harness it. It is all down to the driver to make the best out of the M5 manual.

source: Autoblog

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