/Video: Mercedes Augmented Reality Apps

Video: Mercedes Augmented Reality Apps

mercedes app at Video: Mercedes Augmented Reality Apps

At first these augmented reality apps Mercedes has come up with look pretty cool. They are certainly amusing to play with for a few minutes. But it’s all a bit of a faff to be honest. You download an app, get one of these special cards, scan it through the camera into the app, all so you can see a 3D model of the C-Class?! Well, to be fair that configurator bit is cool, but normal apps can do that just fine. Sure it’s good for publicity,  but we’re sure this technology has better uses.

Here’s how it works:

Augmented Reality gives us the opportunity of presenting things in a new interactive way. It is now possible to experience the Mercedes-Benz Fitnessbike and the
C-Class MercedesSport in a new dimension on your mobile device.

The functionality is simple: The real world is filmed by the camera integrated in the mobile device. With the aid of the camera, the app is searching for a picture of a card which is especially designed for the app. When the camera recognized the picture, you can see on the display that the app transfers 3D information on the card.

The Mercedes-Benz Accessories’ applications show either the Fitnessbike or the C-Class MercedesSport as a 3D model on the card in the user’s hands. By turning the card or moving the camera the model can be regarded from almost every angle and in the minutest details.

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