/BMW M Performance Super Diesels: Promo Video

BMW M Performance Super Diesels: Promo Video

m performance group at BMW M Performance Super Diesels: Promo Video

So we showed you the new range of BMW high-performance diesel-powered car, made by the new M Performance Automobiles division. There’s the M550d saloon and wagon, the X5 M50d and the X6 M50d.

They are not full-fledged M cars, but they deliver 70 percent of the experience. They’re all powered by a 380 hp tri-turbo I-6 diesel engine which guarantees acceleration time in the low 5 seconds, and 45 mpg  fuel economy (35 for the SUVs). The point of these cars is to prove you can still have fun in this age of terrible economy and environment friendliness. What’s more, you dont’ have to sacrifice practicality and comfort in the process either.

They are truly astonishing. But the cheapest version, the M550d sedan, costs a whopping 80,800 Euro. That’s a bit hard to swallow.

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