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Peel P50 To Be Produced Again

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This might sound like a joke to you, but a UK company has decided to bring back the Peel brand to life and produce the P50 and Trident models.

They are already taking orders for these two, mainly because there’s not much engineering work they have to do. The cars are pretty much identical to the original models once built in the Isle of Man.

They are as small, and as slow. The source of power is a 49 cc two-stroke gasoline engine with exactly 3.35 hp! The new producer however, will offer two electric powertrains as well. The first one will have apparently 1.6 hp and a top speed of 15 mph. The second, top of the range version will get a massive 4 hp, enough for a top speed of 28mph. The range is about 50 miles.

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Actually, the speed it goes depends on the size and weight of the driver, and how much he or she had for breakfast. You wouldn’t wanna go fast in this car anyway, seeing as the only crumple zones are your knees.

It does have its advantages, the Peel. It is so small you can drive it into your office, literally. That was proved by Jeremy Clarkson in an episode of Top Gear. He drove the car into the BBC building and spent a full business day in it (see video below). So yes, you can drive it in the office, just be advised it doesn’t have reverse.

Not sure where, but the guys behind this project must have seen a market for such a thing. Apart from everything, who would drive this ridiculous car in public? It will brighten everyone’s day, but it will cost you your dignity, and quite a lot of money actually.

The price for the P50 is, apparently, $10,772. That’s like four times the price of a TATA Nano, and that at least has four wheels on it!

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Peel via Autoblog

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