/Mercedes G-Class Safe Until 2020

Mercedes G-Class Safe Until 2020

Mercedes Benz G Class1 at Mercedes G Class Safe Until 2020

Leaked documents from Austrian contractor Magna Steyr reveals plans for production of Mercedes G-Class until 2020.

That means the most iconic SUV of them all is safe until then and won’t face the axe. These days, and in accordance with the struggling economy and environmental concerns, most car makers are thinking about getting rid of big, wasteful models, which in a few years might not have a market anyway. That’s why the Hummer is dead and gone.

The G-Wagen has always been one of the models they talked about to be killed off. The car is basically a military vehicle – it was born as one based on an order from the Shah of Persia in the 70s – with some leather on the inside, and that’s what makes it interesting. It’s just a toy for the big boys, and it’s incredibly cool. The thing about the Gelandewagen is that it has a fabulous character, and that’s the most important thing a car can have. Who cares if it burns fuel in lumps.

It’s great news that’s it’ll soldier on. The better news is, AMG is preparing new versions of it including one with a V12. Oh Yes!

via: MBpassion

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