/2013 Mercedes SL – New Promo Film

2013 Mercedes SL – New Promo Film

Mercedes Benz SL Class at 2013 Mercedes SL   New Promo Film

Mercedes has come up with yet another promotional video for the 2013 Mercedes SL. Well, it’s actually a short  film about relationshipy stuff, with the car forcefully wedged into the picture. The film is made to appeal to the sort of middle aged financially healthy blokes, who make the SL’s main customer base, showing them how perfect life would be if they by an SL.

The new SL really is a perfect car for a dynamic lifestyle. We just wish it was a tad better-looking. Also, Mercedes is putting too much emphasis on the fact that the 2013 SL is lighter than its predecessor. Enough already, nobody cares.

OK, if you do care, the new SL weights approximately 110 kilograms less than a comparable bodyshell made of sheet steel. Nevertheless it is even more rigid – and safer – than its predecessor. Mercedes-Benz has achieved this through a systematic intelligent material mix of aluminium alloys and aluminium components which are tailor-made for the respective requirements, combined with just a few portions of high-strength steel and magnesium.

Although the new SL is even more comfortable and has more safety devices on board than its predecessor and therefore does actually sacrifice some of the weight saved through the aluminium bodyshell, the scales show some astonishing figures: the new SL500 (1785 kg) weighs around 125 kilograms less than its predecessor. On balance, the SL350 (1685 kg) is even 140 kilograms lighter – all thanks to a host of other intelligent enhanced details to reduce weight, which Mercedes-Benz has also implemented in the new SL in addition to the aluminium bodyshell.

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