/Battle of Estates: Cadillac CTS-V vs Mercedes E63 AMG

Battle of Estates: Cadillac CTS-V vs Mercedes E63 AMG

estate drag race at Battle of Estates: Cadillac CTS V vs Mercedes E63 AMG

Once again Cadillac CTS-V is pitted against its archrival from Germany, Mercedes E63 AMG. This time though it’s the estate versions of these cars going one on one in a drag race to see which is the fastest. One might argue that estates should be judged based on their ability to carry people and their luggage around, but let’s be honest, normal wagons are for people who have given up. they’re hellishly boring. Cars like these enliven things a bit, make life more interesting.

What’s more, interesting estates can be considered as real alternative for SUVs. Granted, these two are not really more efficient than SUVs, but at the very least they will fool green people into thinking you care about the environment… on your way to the dragstrip!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy this episode of Motortrend’s Head 2 Head show:

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