/2012 Beijing: Honda Concept Cars

2012 Beijing: Honda Concept Cars

Honda Concepts 1 at 2012 Beijing: Honda Concept Cars

Honda’s China-only concept cars for the 2012 Beijing Auto Show are far more interesting than Toyota’s. They have the Concept S and the Concept C. Concept S is a compact family car to go on sale in China in near future, before a global version is released. The other one, Concept C, seems to be based on an Acura and previews a 2013 production model, again only for China.

The S in concept S stands for “Stylish,” “Smart” and “Surprise” according to Honda, which is fair enough. it’s a good-looking car. What we don’t’ get is Concept C. Apparently, the C in that stands for “Cool,” “Challenge,” and “China.” These are Honda’s own words!

Concept C’s design is inspired by the image of a dragon and is done by development teams in China and Japan. The S meanwhile is more Japanese and less Chinese. It has a clever interior packaging which is one of the distinctive strengths of Honda, and a hybrid powertrain. The S can be the base for a successful global model. They can keep the C in China though, we don’t want that.

Honda Concepts 2 at 2012 Beijing: Honda Concept Cars

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