/2013 Shelby GT500 Gets Clever Launch Control

2013 Shelby GT500 Gets Clever Launch Control

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The new Shelby GT500 is a car late Carroll would be proud of. Not only with 662 horsepower, it’s the most powerful pony car ever, it is also very sophisticated. I know it doesn’t look like it, but it is. Ford just released details of the GT500’s sophisticated launch control, and kid you not, it is as advance as the system in Ferrari 458!

Just like the Ferrari’s launch control, Shelby’s system can learn the surface, take into account tire and weather conditions and even the style of the driver in order to give him the best possible launch off the line. More experienced drivers can choose the rpm-only mode and have more control over the car’s reactions.

GT500’s launch control can be engaged in two ways, either through Track Appson the 4.2-inch LCD in the instrument cluster or simply by tapping a switch on the left side of the instrument panel. Either way, the goal is to minimize the wheelspin, and when you have 662-hp at the disposal of your right foot, you better use it or your rear tires won’t last more than two weeks.

The handy infographics below may be helpful: (click to enlarge)

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We recognize not every driver has the same style, and surface, tire and climate conditions vary,” said Eddie Khan, SVT Engineering supervisor. “Most of our competitors’ launch control systems have a fixed engine launch speed. We’ve given Shelby GT500 drivers the ability to adjust the engine speed to achieve best and most consistent performance, no matter where and when they drive.

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