/Beijing Auto Show reprehended by Chinese Government

Beijing Auto Show reprehended by Chinese Government

ying li zhi beijing auto show at Beijing Auto Show reprehended by Chinese Government

The Chinese government decided to issue a severe public reprehension to the Beijing Auto Show organization. The reason you may ask? Well, according to them girls were using little clothing…

For the Beijing government, girls were using very short clothes, sometimes excessively short, during the last Chinese Auto Show which caused a negative social impact. Ying Li Zhi and Gan Lulu, two famous Chinese models, were presented as negative examples because of their “too sexy” dresses, which lead to a viral spread of their pictures instead of the cars they were promoting.

Beijing Government also stated that car makers must make an effort not to repeat this again in the future.

Negative social impact?!? We wonder if they’re aware that these model girls are responsible for over 50% of the visitors to these shows.

Check out this video of the so called sexy dress. You can also check our photo gallery of the show and make your own judgment.

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