/BMW Thinks Big – X7… X8… and more!

BMW Thinks Big – X7… X8… and more!

bmw x7 at BMW Thinks Big   X7... X8... and more!

The launch of the Lamborghini Urus and the friendly reaction of the crowd to it encouraged BMW to work on a few new projects. The priority will be to proceed with a new SUV, something bigger than the X5 and the hideous X6.

According to a well-informed source, the X7 might see daylight in 2015. In the plans the X7 will be a large 4×4 coupe, mimicking the lines of a coupe and mixing parts of a Range Rover, we need to remember here that BMW overtook the British car maker a few years ago. For now, all we know is that the new X7 should have components of the 7-Series and the X5.

After the X7 the X8 is also expected. The X8 will eventually be more like a coupe version of the familiar car and less an improved version of the X7; in any case these are all rumors for now, anything that’s being said out there is just speculative.

Finally, the gap between BMW and Rolls Royce should become shorter, and the completion of project CS-II might be a reality. Based on the Concept CS, the CS-II could be a super-GT, large, super-luxurious and made from carbon fiber, something super lightweight. This is also just another project, but one of those that might become a reality sooner than later.

bmw concept cs at BMW Thinks Big   X7... X8... and more!

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