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Brabus Now Tunes Private Jets

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World famous tuner Brabus decided the next step for them in expanding their business and product portfolio is customizing private jets. That’s what you do when you have conquered land and sea with cars and yachts – you try the next frontier. They just launched BRABUS PRIVATE AVIATION division, specializing in customizing private jet’s exterior as well interior. Fancy.

Since jets are pretty fast Brabus probably didn’t feel the need to also tune their engines like they do with cars. What they can offer for now is personalize the cabin design from the ground up based on your desired specs, and custom paint jobs for the exterior, which sounds like overkill, as nobody sees your plane up in the skies.

The main focus is on business jets like Bombardier Global Express and Challenger aircraft families, as well as Dassault Falcon series, but they’re no limited to these brands. They can even customize larger aircraft.

They already have two different exclusive cabin design lines for the Bombardier Global Express.One is the “ELEGANCE” design featuring BRABUS fine leather, Alcantara and high-end wood applications as well as high-gloss accents, and the other “SPORTIVE” design line with black and gray leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber, plus red stitching fro the seats upholstery. You can also order a high-tech inflight entertainment system.

All BRABUS PRIVATE AVIATION modifications are EASA- and FAA-certified. Brabus can also hep prospective clients who do not own an aircraft in selecting and purchasing the right jet. Brabus has not revealed the pricing of Private Aviation services, but hey, good livin’ ain’t cheap.

Brabus private jet… it just sounds cool, doesn’t it.

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