/Celebrating 10.000 Posts!

Celebrating 10.000 Posts!

celebration 10k at Celebrating 10.000 Posts!

Today is a very special day for Motorward. Earlier today we’ve passed the 10.000 posts milestone. It looks like we’ve started yesterday, but we’re already over 5 digits! Unbelievable!

This is basically a celebration post, but also a THANK YOU NOTE to a few people that made this possible over the years. (does this look like an Oscars’ acceptance speech? Lame…)

Well, first of all the biggest of all thanks goes to Arman Barari. Arman is the founder of Motorward and currently our Chief Editor; he’s responsible for most of the stuff you read everyday and hardly ever sleeps, at least sometimes I think he doesn’t.

Second thank you note goes for Zaheer Khan. Zaheer is responsible for part of the editing, publishing and specially for all the insanely cool graphics you see on the site and on our Facebook page. Lately he’s been working on a series of exclusive wallpapers that we’ll be launching soon.

Third thanks goes for the rest of the team that contributes to make MW the fastest growing Auto website on the Internet.

Last, but not least, all of you out there that make this possible, the millions of readers, the thousands of fans that everyday give us the fuel to continue.

Thank you ALL!

(CEO / Editor / Journalist) – Bruno is the owner and CEO of Motorward.com; he’s responsible for the entire team, editorial guidelines and publishing. Bruno has many years of experience in the auto industry, both managing automotive websites and contributing to the press.