/Gemballa’s Diamond Coating Is For Real

Gemballa’s Diamond Coating Is For Real

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First time we heard about Gemballa’s new diamond coating was at Top Marques Monaco 2012, where they brought along Pamela Anderson for publicity. Back then we thought the diamond thing was just a plot to fool the former Baywatch babe, but no. It is for real, as Gemballa has now released an official statement saying it is available for exterior and interior. It is real diamonds in your paint job!

While it still sounds pretty ghastly to have a car with diamond paint job, we have to say it is far less horrible than a golden one. Not sure what people would think of you when you show up in a car covered in diamonds, sparkling and glistening in the sunlight, but you can have that in your life if you want to.

Gemballa says they only use genuine diamonds as its key ingredient – not metal pigments, glass fragments, or crystals. They also say it was quite a challenge grinding the diamonds into a size small enough for their intended purpose, without losing their brilliance.

They’ve pulled it off though, and arrived at a process that results in a seamless and incomparable shine.

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What’s more, diamonds are a form of carbon formed under extreme heat and pressure, so they are the perfect finishing touch for the carbon-fibre bodywork of GEMBALLA’s ultra-exclusive cars. How about that!

Gemballa has not revealed how much this treatment would cost. It probably depends on the amount of stones used for each car.

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