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Lotus Ladies Cup – Beautiful Speed

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These days it’s trendy to pick up famous people and make them sing, close them in a house for months or send them to a faraway country or lost island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but others have better ideas, or at least a lot more cool and radical ideas.

The country is Hungary, land of some of the most beautiful women in the World, and the event is the Lotus Ladies Cup, which is now in its second edition, and gaining world fame. The conditions to be in are rather clear, you must be a woman and famous (we still wonder how they evaluate this); if you’re beautiful, well, it also helps… a lot!

Drivers are given a 138hp Lotus Elise 1.6 to drive (which can sometimes explain some of the accidents) and participate in a regular car racing weekend with free practice on Friday, qualifying on Saturday and race day on Sunday.

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First race of the season took place at the Hungaroring circuit (where else could it be?), which hosts the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix, but there are also races outside Hungary. Salzburg in Austria and Bratislava in Slovakia will also get the chance to watch the babes driving around.

Most of these “improvised pilots” have no racing experience at all, and despite the fact that they receive training before season starts, sometimes it might just not be enough.

No matter if you’re a model, an actress or a TV host, down on the track your skills and speed make the overall difference.

lotus ladies cup 02 at Lotus Ladies Cup   Beautiful Speed

Check out a couple videos on 2012 Lotus Ladies Cup.

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