/Michael Schumacher bashes Pirelli

Michael Schumacher bashes Pirelli

michael schumacher pirelli at Michael Schumacher bashes Pirelli

Michael Schumacher positioned himself as a leading protest voice against Pirelli, the official Formula 1 tire supplier. The tire manufacturer has been criticized all over this season, being that the German pilot is one of the “unhappiest” of all drivers.

“It looks like we’re driving over raw eggs. I do not want to burn all the tires quickly, because if it happens we’re going nowhere.” criticized Schumacher.

In fact this is not even the first time that Schummy complains. At the end of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Schumacher regretted not being able to drive the car to its limits because he had to “spare the tires”. “We wanna drive a racing car as a racing car, and not walking around at the normal speed of the safety car.” Schummy said at the time.

Pirelli, however, came to devalue all the public criticism, and ensured that the tires are properly manufactured according to the standards.

We bet this won’t end up like this…

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