/BMW 7-Speed Manual Gearbox Patents Revealed

BMW 7-Speed Manual Gearbox Patents Revealed

BMW 7 Speed Manual 1 at BMW 7 Speed Manual Gearbox Patents Revealed

Further proof that BMW is serious about offering a manual gearbox in near future. Patents of a BMW seven-speed manual transmission have been uncovered, showing a clever new system far more sophisticated than your run of the mill manual ‘boxes. According to these patents, BMW’s gearbox has a shifting module that can even block changing into the wrong gears!

So come to think of it, it’s not a real manual, because the whole of point of a manual is absolute freedom. Still, it would be great to have a proper, high performance, modern Bimmer with a manual transmission and not a computer-controlled DCT SMG MCT or whatever the hell it’s called today.

There used to be a time when manuals were more economical than automatics. That is not the case anymore. Modern auto transmissions are far more efficient than any manual. That is an argument against the use of manuals in new cars. BMW thinks they can get round this issue by adding more gears. This one has 7 gears – which is fair enough, just like the new Porsche 991 – but they’re talking about 8 or maybe even 9. Now that’s not cool. You will be changing gear all the time, and it kills all the joyl, the whole point of having a manual in the first place.

As mentioned BMW’s system is very advanced. They’re talking about some fancy shift by wire thing that eliminates the need for a clutch pedal, and also a computerized shifting program that uses sensors and stuff to make sure you always choose the right gear at the right time.

We say sod that. Just give us a proper old-school manual with a clutch pedal. That’s all!

Read more technical details on BMW’s 7-Speed Manual Gearbox here: E90Post

BMW 7 Speed Manual 2 at BMW 7 Speed Manual Gearbox Patents Revealed

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