/Ferrari 599XX EVO Tears Up Fiorano – Video

Ferrari 599XX EVO Tears Up Fiorano – Video

599xx Evo Action at Ferrari 599XX EVO Tears Up Fiorano   Video

Recently one of these Ferrari 599XX Evolution race cars was auctioned off, to benefit earthquake victims, for 1.4 million Euro. If you want to know why this car costs this much, just listen to it in the video after the jump. I’d pay 1.4 mil – if I had that kind of money – just for the soundtrack! The 599XX Evo is a 750 horsepower race car with active spoiler, like the one they use in Formula 1, and it’s designed for Ferrari’s Corse Clienti racing program. The most amazing fact about this car is that the owners never take delivery. The car stays with Ferrari, but they will take it to the race tracks and make it ready for you to come and enjoy yourself. How cool is that. 

Here’s some footage of the car flexing muscle at the Fiorano test track in the heart of Maranello. What a magnificent sight.

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