/Need For Speed Film Confirmed For 2014 Release

Need For Speed Film Confirmed For 2014 Release

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It took a while, but the ultra-successful video game Need For Speed will finally make its silver screen debut in 2014 as Dream Works Studios and Electronic Arts confirmed the project. There has been many films based on successful video games, but the NFS was never considered movie material because it never had a story, until recent years. The recent versions of the game are all about street racing and baddies running away from the cups. That’s pure Hollywood.

There’s a lot of muscle behind the Need For Speed movie. Apart from the Dream Works-Spielberg connection, they got John and George Gatins to write the script, and Scott Waugh – co-director of Act of Valor – to make it. The guy knows how to make action movies. He’s got a lot of pull as well. In the Act of Valor he used active-duty tier one Navy SEALs to play the main characters, and insisted on using real-life weapons and tactics. So he might be tempted to use real-life street heroes in the Need For Speed to make it look realistic.

Save the Fast and Furious franchise, and maybe Transformers, most recent car-based movies have not been very good. Stupid, unrealistic stunts, childish story, and cheesy lines are what these films are known for. We’re talking about stuff like the Red Line. Utter nonsense.

Hopefully, Need For Speed won’t fall in that trap. The film will be based on the NFS series, and not just one particular version. With Gatins brothers as the writers and Waugh as the director, it’s bound to be good.


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