/Ferrari F12 Review by Auto Express

Ferrari F12 Review by Auto Express

F12 Review at Ferrari F12 Review by Auto Express

With Ferrari’s media day for the new F12 Berlinetta over we will be getting lots and lots of video reviews over the coming weeks. The first one comes from Auto Express. Their correspondent Jack Rix shares his experience from his brief time behind the wheel of the car. You only need a few minutes to realize the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a legend. 

Actually, you might not even need that. Just a good look at the car’s proportions will do!

With the F12 Ferrari is getting very close to making the ultimate GT car. It looks fabulous, has a spacious cabin with a 500 liter boot to complement it, and a 740 hp V12 engine. Performance-wise, it is faster than an Enzo around the Fiorano track, and flat out it does 340 km/h. OK, so maybe the dashboard is a bit of a mess, what with all the buttons on the steering wheel, but the rest of it is so awesome you’d forgive it anything.

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