/Life Of A Formula 1 Driver… Is Awesome!

Life Of A Formula 1 Driver… Is Awesome!

F1 life at Life Of A Formula 1 Driver... Is Awesome!

From birth to Monaco‘ is a pre-race intro BBC made for the Monaco Grand Prix, and it kinda chronicles the life of a Formula 1 driver from his birth to the day he gets to race in Monte Carlo. And while it comes down mostly to three things – driving, exercising, and more driving – the F1 life looks pretty fun, especially when you make it to the top and get to sign breasts!


This is apparenlty the life of a British F1 driver though, probably Lewis Hamilton’s. It’s a bit different for other nationalities. For example if you’re Russian, or Arab, or Indian even, you don’t have to work so hard. You just get a sponsor who can buy you the seat, and you’re there.

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