/Two Minutes of Pure BMW M5 F10 Exhaust Noise!

Two Minutes of Pure BMW M5 F10 Exhaust Noise!

BMW M5 F10 at Two Minutes of Pure BMW M5 F10 Exhaust Noise!

The new BMW M5 F10, as you know, uses a V8 instead of the V10 we used to get in the old car. To make up for the lost power, BMW bolted two turbochargers on this 4.4 liter V8. Turbos are great. They make the engines more efficient and more powerful. But because they are located just outside the exhaust manifold – because it’s the exhaust gas that spins the turbines and compress the air – they muffle almost all the exhaust noise.

That is of course fine in a family car. But a sports saloon like the M5 needs to bark like a wounded animal. To get round this problem BMW used tricksy exhaust for the new car, and also devised a system that enhance the noise the pipes it in the cabin through the speakers.

Has it worked? We’re not sure. Listen to it for minutes and let us know what you think…

video by Marchettino

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