/300,000 Crash-Free Miles Covered by Google Self-Driving Cars

300,000 Crash-Free Miles Covered by Google Self-Driving Cars

Google autonomous RX at 300,000 Crash Free Miles Covered by Google Self Driving Cars

Google is a large part of everybody’s life, and soon it will become even larger, as their plans for making autonomous vehicles are going pretty darn well. They have claimed over 300,000 test miles now, and not a single thing has gone wrong with these satellite-guided, radar-guided self-driving cars.

While it’s a remarkable achievement for the human kind, we have to say we hate Google for trying to kill the joy of driving.

The progress is so good, they decided to step up the game and bring in a fleet of Lexus RX hybrid SUVs and try them out on rough terrains and snow-covered roads. Exact details how these cars manage to do what they do are not known at this stage, and may never be released, but the important thing is that they seem to work. They don’t even have to be in groups anymore and can operate on all their own.

This whole thing has obvious advantages, but it also brings along some new issues like the possibility of Google – or the U.S. government – being able to control cars, make them stop or – in case of an emergency – blow them up remotely! It could happen…

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