/700-hp Ariel Atom by DDMWorks

700-hp Ariel Atom by DDMWorks

700 hp Ariel Atom 1 at 700 hp Ariel Atom by DDMWorks

Ariel Atom has been around for a couple of years now, but no one but Ariel themselves could have come up with something that matches its level of lunacy and excitement. The Atom V8 is currently the king of all track-focused sports cars.

Now, an American tuner called DDMWorks has apparently found a way to improve this British beast. They call it the Atom 700, and there’s a clue.

They have replaced the engine in a normal Atom with a 2.0 liter Ford unit they have both supercharged and turbocharged. It makes 700hp or 350hp/liter, which is a lot.

The turbo and the supercharger are accompanied by a custom air-to-water heat exchanger and a monster intercooler. The injectors are modified too, and so are almost all the other bits and bobs of the engine. To cope, the Atom 700 is also fitted with 225mm wide Toyo R888’s are mounted on custom 16×7 wheels up front and 275mm R888’s mounted on custom 17×9 wheels in the rear.

DDM offers the driver a switch with 3 selectable power levels of 450, 575 and 700hp. How thoughtful!

It is an epic creation based on an epic car. But we’re not sure it’ll work, because overtuned engines never do. Especially a 2.0 liter that makes 700hp. When Ariel gave the Atom a 500hp V8, they spent countless hours re-engineering the whole thing, so it would be bearable. We’re not DDM has done the same here.

700 hp Ariel Atom 2 at 700 hp Ariel Atom by DDMWorks
700 hp Ariel Atom 3 at 700 hp Ariel Atom by DDMWorks
700 hp Ariel Atom 4 at 700 hp Ariel Atom by DDMWorks

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