/Crowdsourced Nissan 370Z Revealed

Crowdsourced Nissan 370Z Revealed

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It took them a while, but true to their word, Nissan finally get around making their first crowdsourced car. It’s a Nissan 370Z designed and built – well, modified actually – based on the feedback from Facebook fans. We saw how the work began with technical stuff like engine tuning and chassis upgrade, and we also witnessed the work that went into exterior and interior. Now it’s time to feast our eyes on the finished product.

This teaser trailer here shows the completed 370Z, and while it looks very good, we were expecting it to be more exciting. It just looks like a normal Nismo 370. Nissan is yet to confirm the car’s technical specs, but they used to say it’ll have 500 hp. We don’t see any evidence of that in the video either.

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