/Evo Compares Ferrari F12 To 599 GTO

Evo Compares Ferrari F12 To 599 GTO

Evo F12 at Evo Compares Ferrari F12 To 599 GTO

You have seen plenty Ferrari F12 Berlinetta reviews since its media day. And they all basically say the same thing: The F12 looks great, goes like a stabbed rat, and doesn’t feel anything like the FF. Oh, and the button-riddled steering wheel is still a bad idea. Now, this review by Jethro Bovingdon of Evo Magazine does have something extra that makes it more fascinating. He compares the F12 to the 599 GTO, the finest version of the car F12 replaces.

F12 Technical Specifications:

Type: 65-degree V12
Total displacement: 6262 cc
Maximum power output: 740 CV at 8500 rpm
Maximum torque: 690 Nm at 6000 rpm
Dimensions and weight
Length: 4618 mm
Width: 1942 mm
Height: 1273 mm
Dry weight: 1525 kg
Weight distribution: 46% front, 54% rear
Weight-power ratio: 2.1 kg/CV
Maximum speed: >340 km/h
0-100 km/h: 3.1 s
Fuel consumption and emissions (ECE + EUDC combined cycle)
Consumption: 15l/100 km
CO2: 350 g/km

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