/Toyota GT86 “Area 86” Short Film

Toyota GT86 “Area 86” Short Film

Area 86 at Toyota GT86 Area 86 Short Film

Toyota GT 86 is availabel in most parts of the world, and each region, pretty much, has come up with its own unique promotional footage to publicize the car. Now, Toyota Motor Philippines has gone one step further and instead of just making a commercial, they have made a short film with a professional director, film crew and everything. It’s called ‘Area 86’ and it reflects on what GT86 is all about: Driving fun.


Granted to those who have to question everything, the GT86 might not be just as brilliant as it’s shown here in the real world and in the hands of ordinary people, but it is still a cracking car. The 200 hp engine might be a downer, but anything with a low center of gravity and a poised rear-drive chassis is OK in our book.

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