/2013 Miss Tuning Calendar

2013 Miss Tuning Calendar

Miss Tuning Calendar 2013 Frizzi Arnold 06 top at 2013 Miss Tuning Calendar

Early in May this year Tuning World Bodensee crowned Frizzi Arnold as the 10th Miss Tuning Bodensee. As always, the winner is awarded, among other things, an exclusive photo shoot for the annual Miss Tuning calendar; this year’s photo shoot took place in Helsinki (Finland) and the print version of the calendar as just been made available. The catch is it’s limited to 1500 copies, so you should get yours as soon as possible (we already got ours).

In case you can’t get your own copy, we’ve decided to take a few images from the 2013 calendar and put them together with the photo shoot backstage series that’s been made available by Bodensee.

Enjoy the images after the jump!

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