/BMW M5 Cop Car Unveiled

BMW M5 Cop Car Unveiled

bmw m5 police car at BMW M5 Cop Car Unveiled

BMW dedicated a brand-new F10 M5 to the German Police, presumably for Autobahn duty. Unveiled at BMW Welt in Munich, the Polizei M5 features the unique livery of German rozzers, and a lights bar, but that’s about it. There car does not feature any performance upgrade over normal M5.

But then it doesn’t need it. There are that many cars out there that can outrun the F10 M5. The high performance saloon has a twin-turbo V8 engine developing 560 horsepower and it does 0 to 100 km/h in slightly over 4 seconds. Although we’re guessing they have removed the top speed limiter on this car so it can go toe to toe with cars capable of hitting 300 km/h on the Bahn!

This car is a concept, of course, which means Autobahn coppers might not be getting it any time soon, or at all. That’s a shame, because it looks pretty cool.

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