/2014 Mercedes CL Details Emerge

2014 Mercedes CL Details Emerge

Mercedes Benz CL Class at 2014 Mercedes CL Details Emerge

With the new generation Mercedes S Class comes a range of new models, including a limo, a convertible and a coupe. The coupe version is what we currently know a the CL-Class, a lavish and luxurious two-door car for those who find the SL a bit too brash.

The CL customers are going to love what Mercedes has in mind for the new version, codenamed C217. Thanks to the new S-Class’ properties, the CL – or S-Coupe – will look more majestic, hunkered down, and powerful. There will of course be AMG versions of it for people who like more sportiness.

What’s more, thanks to the MRA modular rear-wheel drive, the car will be lighter, nimbler, and better to drive. The current CL feels like it’s completely isolated from the world outside the car, which is both good and bad. But given the fact that most CL buyers are elderly gentlemen, Mercedes doesn’t want to make it that sporty.

Ont he contrary to the new S-Class which will resort to four-cylinder engines to lower its fuel consumption, the CL will stay loyal to big engines, not going lower than V6, maintaining its V8 and V12.

The new cabin of the CL will challenge Rolls Royce in terms of luxury, and beats it in terms of technology. It comes with stuff like  two large-format monitors, programmable instruments, extended voice and gesture control, head-up display, knee ‘bags and belt-integrated airbags.

And as with every other big, new Mercedes, the 2014 CL will be dripping with technology. More details: CARmagazine

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