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Motorward Visit to Pagani Automobili

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If you want to test real car enthusiasts, just ask them if they know Pagani Automobili. The small manufacturer from Modena is currently only producing 6 to 7 cars per year, but wants to expand its production to 25.

More than tripling the production wouldn’t be possible in their current tiny factory, anyhow, we’ve heard that they’re now working on a new plant! Sadly, the only model they’ll be producing there is the weird to pronounce Huayra, as they’re claiming the Zonda project is now a closed chapter in the history of Pagani Automobili.

A few weeks ago we’ve got the chance to pay a visit to Pagani Automobili and were simply amazed with what we’ve seen (yes, that included the Zonda R, the Zonda Clubsport Roadster and the Tricolore).

When you step into the factory itself you will be amazed with its insanely sterile ambience (unlike other Italian car makers’ plants); every production part is clearly separated from the others, and in the middle you’ll find the final assembly area where all the parts come together to create the ultimate dream machine.

We got the chance to take a few pictures from the showroom that we’d now like to share with you, so, enjoy!

(Photographer) – Pascal is a photographer and contributor of Motorward. His skills allow us to provide you with great images of the auto world.