/Audi ICC the Perfect Santa’s Sleigh

Audi ICC the Perfect Santa’s Sleigh

Audi ICC 6 545x358 at Audi ICC the Perfect Santas Sleigh

Audi called it the ICC, and no, it’s not a car. The ICC is a top notch sleigh designed by the German manufacturer specifically for Santa Claus. The ICC acronym comes from Intergalactic Christmas Concept, and Audi believes that this is the perfect transport for a modern Santa Claus.

The design idea for the sleigh came out of Daniel de Jong’s mind, one of the members of Audi’s design team, and promises to be the fastest, safest and most technological advanced of all sleighs, so that nothing fails in the most magical night of the year. Daniel wanted to make sure that all the children of the world can get their gifts on time and on target.

The ICC is inspired by a trimaran boat and is made of carbon fiber; it also features the e-tron Hyperdrive technology which allows you to travel around the world within minutes and without polluting… right!

Another equipment that is part of this ultra-modern sleigh is the climate control system, which guarantees that Santa travels from the North Pole ice to other more torrid regions like Mexico without any major problems. All in all, a true luxury!

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