/Opel Stand at 2012 Essen Motor Show

Opel Stand at 2012 Essen Motor Show

2012 Essen Motor Show Opel Top at Opel Stand at 2012 Essen Motor Show

Although Opel showed nothing new in Essen 2012, it was still an interesting stand to see. They had the usual stuff (multiple Adams, some Insignias and a Mokka), but they also showed their return to motorsport, with the Opel Astra OPC Cup, and the Adam Rally, the first one being for some serious track action, and the other for young rally talents.

There are plans for a complete rally series with Adams, this to support the young drivers in their way to the top. Anyway, it’s always great to see those legendary Opel liveries back on the track. Another interesting fact is that they didn’t show any standard models, apart from the Adam, but only OPC-prepped ones.

Check out a few photos that we took at the show.


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