/Volkswagen Eco Up! Launches With CNG Power

Volkswagen Eco Up! Launches With CNG Power

Volkswagen eco up at Volkswagen Eco Up! Launches With CNG Power

Volkswagen announced a CNG-powered version of their up city car, which they say is one of the most inexpensive cars to run in Europe. It uses only 2.9 kg of natural gas per 100 km. Given the price of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) in Europe, that equates to 3 euros per 100 km.

This eco car is also quite clean, emitting just 79 g/km CO2. Th engine in this car is also flexible, capable of running on alternate fuels such as such as renewable biomethane. Produced from plant by-products, biomethane does not compete with food crops. Given the protection process, this fuel is carbon neutral.

Volkswagen has not revealed any power and performance numbers for this car, but it should be a good performer, at least according to VW’s calculations:

1.0 kg of natural gas is equivalent to 1.3 litres of diesel or 1.5 litres of petrol. The energy content of 1.0 kg natural gas amounts to 11.69 kWh; the associated quantity of diesel yields 9.86 kWh, the energy content of petrol is 8.77 kWh.

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