/G-Power Unleashes 720-hp BMW M3 RS

G-Power Unleashes 720-hp BMW M3 RS

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G-Power releases a new version of its RS tuning program for the BMW M3 E92. This time the car boasts 720 horsepower, which is about 110 more than their previous efforts. At the same time the car is lightened and aerodynamic has been improved.

At the heart of this car you find the G-POWER SK III “Sporty Drive” supercharger system. Besides using an ASA T1-723 supercharger, the tuner has also increased the capacity of the engine from 4.0 liter to 4.6 liter. Not to mention the powertrain uses a bespoke ECU software and benefits from an upgraded cooling system.

The result of all this is a gain of 300 horsepower over the standard car.

G-Power hasn’t released the performance numbers for this car, but it is the exact opposite of RS Racing M3. That car seeks performance through lightness, while this one is all about brute force.

That said, it is still lighter than the standard M3. It features a carbon fiber RS aerodynamic kit with revised bumpers, front and rear spoilers, diffuser, side skirts, and carbon hood and carbon bootlid. They couldn’t strip-out the interior because people who buy these cars won’t tolerate the lack of luxury.

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