/BMW Tri-Turbo Diesel Engine: Like T-Rex and Godzilla!

BMW Tri-Turbo Diesel Engine: Like T-Rex and Godzilla!

bmw engine monster 545x253 at BMW Tri Turbo Diesel Engine: Like T Rex and Godzilla!

To put the the strength points of its tri-turbo – or twin-power turbo as they call it – I-6 diesel engine in perspective, BMW came up with a cool commercial. This engine provides monstrous power without the usual drawbacks associated with powerful engines; drawbacks such as high fuel consumption and high CO2 emission. BMW says this engine is like T-Rex without the appetite, like Godzilla without the smoke!


With 381 HP, 740 NM and 6.3 L/100km, you have to say they do have a point.

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