/Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 by Dartz – Preview

Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 by Dartz – Preview

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Dartz Motorz is the rockstar of the tuning world. They are never normal, and they are never boring. And they always pick special cars for their odd treatments. The latest project is the new Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 limited edition, and they want to turn it into something called the Sahara G-eopard.

What Dartz has in mind for this car is right up the Arabs ally. They begin with a unique paint job featuring gold sputter coating and A. C’machoff geopard spots, and replace the grille with their own distinctive version. Then the stock wheels are binned and in their place some 24 inch Asanti Gold Bullion are bolted on. The rear doors are also modified to give easier access to the lounge-like rear compartment. This way even the fattest passengers can hop in with ease.

Once they’re inside, they find Dartz has put a water dispenser in there featuring silver tubes and Russian diamond. Then you get comfy in your seat, turn on your individual air con, and enjoy the timber floor that reminds you of your yacht. Portable dining room and smoking room featuring a vulgar gold Shisha is also available. Then there is the Bang & Olufsen entertainment system with a smart 3D TV, Beo 6&4 remote control, and smartphone integration.

Overkill? You bet. But that’s what Dartz does. To be honest though, we find this quite revolting.


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