/Nelson Piquet Jr. and Brian Scott fight after accident

Nelson Piquet Jr. and Brian Scott fight after accident

nelson piquet vs brian scott nascar at Nelson Piquet Jr. and Brian Scott fight after accident

So, we all know that Nascar drivers just go round and round causing accidents, but what we didn’t know is that disputes aren’t settled by commissioners forcing drivers to make drive-through laps, inventing after-race penalties and spoiling all the fun… pretty much like F1.

So, how is it done in Nascar?

The Brazilian Nascar driver Nelson Piquet Jr., Nelson Piquet’s son, became involved in an ugly scene with Brian Scott, the two have even got to “exchange” a couple punches and kicks right after former Formula 1 driver (Piquet) hit Scott’s car.

Both drivers were fighting for points last Friday night, in this case for 15th position in the Nationwide race at Richmond. Scott did not like the hit and replied, touching the back of Piquet’s car when he was decelerating and returning to the pits; Piquet again responded with another touch and there we were…

Just check how Nelson Piquet Jr. and Brian Scott solved the problem:

The problems between both teams continued in the motor home parking area later on, when Costello and Searce allegedly assaulted Piquet and one of his crew members, this according to Henrico County, Va., police.

In an official statement, Turner Scott Motorsports (for which Nelson Piquet Jr. drives) said:

Several members of another race team confronted a group that included Nelson Piquet Jr., resulting in the arrest of two individuals from the other race team.

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