/This Is Why McLarens Aren’t As Exciting As Ferraris…

This Is Why McLarens Aren’t As Exciting As Ferraris…

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… The mindset of people who make them. When Ferrari makes a new model and wants to promote it, they show it screaming through some twisty mountain roads with the beautiful scenery of Northern Italy in the background. McLaren, on the other hand, goes an enormous length to make a dedicated website explaining their car’s aerodynamics with charts and animations and stuff!

As interesting as that is to car geeks technical people like us, and engineering studentsaybe, an average guy or indeed the people who can afford to buy a car like the P1 don’t give a damn how “active aerodynamic systems” work. If anything, they are going hate McLaren for admitting that aerodynamics dictated the shape of the P1. It is as if the car had no designer. They just put the aerodynamics data in a computer and it came up with the proper design to meet them.

If I had a million Euro to spend on a car, I wouldn’t buy the McLaren P1. I wouldn’t buy the LaFerrari either, or the Porsche 918. I’d buy a Pagani Huayra, because that is built with nothing but passion. Real humans with hearts and souls have put every piece of that car together. That’s what makes cars like the Huayra special. Who cares if it’s slower than those idiotic hyper cars designed by algorithms.

Still, if you are interested in how dope McLaren P1’s aerodynamic is, check out: designedbyair.com

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