/West Midlands Police Orders 30 Nissan LEAFs

West Midlands Police Orders 30 Nissan LEAFs

West Midlands Police LEAFs 600x400 at West Midlands Police Orders 30 Nissan LEAFs

While the members of Dubai Police Department are busy having fun with their fleet of exotic cars, back in the UK the West Midlands Police officers are getting a fleet of 30 Nissan LEAF electric cars. This is the UK’s largest ever corporate order of LEAFs.

Now, these LEAFs won’t be used to chase after baddies for obvious reasons, including being desperately slow, having a limited range, and looking funny. They will be used as ‘Diary’ car by 10 local policing units (LPUs). Each LPU will run three LEAFs to attend pre-arranged meetings with victims of crime and locals who have contacted the police force.

Diary cars average 40 to 45 miles per day, which makes using the LEAF – boasting a range of 124 miles on one charge – a viable option to cut back on fuel costs and reduce the department’s carbon footprint.

Nissan will also equip the LPUs with Dedicated charging points. A full recharge of the LEAF will cost WMP just £1.75.

Barry Beeston, Nissan corporate sales director said: “It’s fitting that the UK’s largest corporate LEAF deal to date is with such a prestigious institution in the West Midlands Police. The LEAF is becoming ever more popular as fleet managers see the benefits of 100% electric vehicles and massively reduced running costs. We’re delighted to hear the police are already enjoying driving the LEAFs and we hope they’re enjoying going after a new type of lead!”


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