/Comparison Test: Mercedes SLS Black vs SRT Viper

Comparison Test: Mercedes SLS Black vs SRT Viper

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Even though the Mercedes SLS Black Series and the SRT Viper are road legal, they are both designed for track work. In fact, they are both pretty horrid to use as normal everyday cars – especially the Viper. So when it comes to comparing these two, all that matter is which one’s faster around the race track?

That is the subject of MotorTrend’s latest head to head test. They briefly drive them on the road, then do a quick drag race, and then head to the Laguna Seca for the final shootout.

Let’s quickly go through the specs of these giants. First the SLS Black. The hard-core, race-prepped version of the SLS GT comes with a tweaked engine that makes about 40 more horsepower but slightly less torque. You have to work this engine a bit harder than the standard SLS,  which is a good thing, because it is great fun. The car is lightened and more aerodynamic than the SLS, and also a bit ridiculous to look at as a result. It is damn fast though.

The new SRT Viper a lot more sophisticated than its predecessor, but still not what you call cushty! It is nowhere near as refined as the big Benz, but it is just as exciting to drive. While SLS brags about its refinement and quality, the Viper shows its raw power and cheap price. And that last bit, the price, is what justifies the lack of cushtiness.

You can buy three Vipers for the price of one SLS Black, but beware that you might get fed up with the Viper after a few days when all the trim pieces fall off, your ears are ruined, and your left leg is half cooked.

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