/Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine Debuts At Comic-Con

Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine Debuts At Comic-Con

Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine 600x399 at Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine Debuts At Comic Con

Because of the unique way a nerd’s mind works, they all have an irrational fear of zombies. And the entertainment industry has been taking advantage of this psychological issue for years. Now Hyundai is seeing this as an opportunity to promote its products. Meet the Walking Dead Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine.

As the follow-up to the armor-plated 2012 Hyundai Elantra, this heavily fortified and more heavily armed Veloster is supposed to make the Comic-con goers feel better about the future. It ha got two chainsaws at the front to chop zombies’ rotten legs off, while saw blades in the front grille tear them to pieces.

Should you decide to go on the offensive and launch an attack against the ugly zombies, you can do so using the double-barrel shotgun mounted on top of a sand bag on the bonnet, door-mounted flame throwers, or the .50 Cal machine gun on the roof which you access via a turret.

If none of those things worked and the zombies made their way inside the car, Hyundai has put a selection of knifes, blades, baseball bat with spikes, and samurai sword in there, assuming that after watching so many episodes of the Walking Dead and other nerdilicious zombie TV series, you should know how to use them.

The car has been designed and built in a joint operation between Hyundai, Galpin Auto Sports and Robert Kirkman, the creator and writer of The Walking Dead. It will be on display during the Comic-con event in San Diego.

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